Doulas in the Media

Looking for a life-affirming new career? Become a 'death doula.' These end-of-life coaches are reimagining death and changing lives.

It's not easy to talk about death. It can be depressing and scary, and often remains hidden in our culture. As a result, many people face their final moments alone in hospitals or nursing homes, hooked to clinical, life-prolonging technologies without loved ones or familiar surroundings to calm their fears and bring meaning to their end-of-life experience.

A Growing Movement Of 'Death Doulas' Is Rethinking How We Die. For end-of-life doulas, accompanying the dying is anything but morbid.

"...a growing movement of nurses, social workers and volunteers who are pushing for greater compassion and companionship for people who are dying. Borrowing language from the birthing world, they’re called death doulas, end-of-life doulas, death midwives and palliative care doulas."

Home Funerals Grow As Americans Skip The Mortician For Do-It-Yourself After-Death Care

"...a small and growing group of Americans are returning to a more hands-on, no-frills experience of death. In the world of “do it yourself” funerals, freezer packs are used in lieu of embalming, unvarnished wooden boxes replace ornate caskets, viewings are in living rooms..."

Articles on Coping with Mortality

"...Fear of death underlies most of our phobias..." and more!